Printed Feather Flags, Teardrop Flags & Beach Flags

Beach Flags

Printed Feather Flags, Teardrop Flags & Beach Flags provide functional and especially effective marketing. You can install you beach flag indoors or outdoors; at trade events, retail stores or practically anywhere and be sure you will definitely stand out from the crowd. If you need outstanding beach flags printing quality and components, certified for use at public events, then Print Black Pig Print is the print partner for you.

High Quality & Cheap Beach Flag Printing

Choose from various Shapes & Sizes

Best prices in Manchester & Cheshire

Teardrop 1.5m £88

Pole (Rectangle) 1.8m from £88

Wing 1.9m from £88

Marketing Flags For Sporting Events, Car Shows, Garage Forecourts & Exhibitions

Got a an outdoor competition marked on your calendar, hosting a marathon or arranging a rugby tournament and looking for a great way to offer advertising space or Feather Flags and  Teardrop Flags with your own branding? Then why not easily configure your beach flags printing here at Black Pig Print, and get them printed by our printing professionals.

Advertise In Pedestrianized Areas & Tradeshows

Previously advertised your store in pedestrian areas A frames, display boards or banners? But you would like something more eye-catching and truly weatherproof? Then why not order a brand printed flag? This versatile marketing media format can be used wherever you wish to attract attention, for instance; pavements, at tradeshows, reception areas, outdoor events etc.

3 Shapes - Drop (Teardrop Flags), Pole (Square Flags) and Wing (Feather Flags)

Teardrop Flags

The Drop Beach Flag also known as Teardrop flags due to its shape, has a spacious area at the top that allows your branding to be placed at eye level making it especially effective. The beach flag is available from 601 x 1550mm to 1182 x 4167mm. Or mini drop printed beach flags are 210 x 380mm are perfect for table top displays.

Straight Pole Beach Flags

Also known as Square Beach Flags, the straight pole allow for a little more symmetrical design, that you can set up online here at Black Pig Print in 3 different sizes, from 761 x 1821mm to 761 x 4019mm.

Feather Beach Flags

The Wing also called Feather Flags, is shaped like a wing and is offered in 3 different sizes, from 433 x 1953mm to the monster 741 x 5026mm. The Wing is preferred for giant, portrait visuals that create a real impact!

Steadfast & Sturdy

A single person can effortlessly attach their own printed Feather Flags,  Teardrop Flags and beach flags to the light but extremely resilient fibreglass rod by way of a clamp fixing. The whole rodding is stabilised with a corresponding end piece. The flag is then attached to either a cross-base or base plate. The sturdy 400 x 400mm base plate weighs 10kg. Our printed beach flags are designed for outdoor use and can be further stabilised with an additional water bag. Flags of 4 meters or higher include the water bag as standard. The lighter 3.2Kg 855 x 665mm cross-base is more suited for indoor use. Your flag is supplied with a practical carry bag.

At Black Pig Print, you can simply order just printed flags only,  fastening system only or the complete solutions. This flexibility means you can purchase several artwork versions and inter change or update older flags.

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