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Booklet Printing is probably one of the most widely used printed marketing material. Booklets and brochures are ubiquitous, instruction manuals, product catalogues at sales promotions, travel guides are great examples. They are useful tools to showcase products and services, come in many formats and make excellent distribution material.

Many standard and custom sizes

High quality & cheap booklet printing & brochure printing

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A5 x100 16 Pages 135gsm from £69

A5 x250 24 Pages 135gsm from £139

A5 x1000 16 Pages 135gsm from £199

Printed Brochures from 1 - 50,000 copies

Depending on what you need your printed booklets for, you can create different styles to produce the kind of impression that you want. There are options that allow you to select the number of pages, copies, the size and even the weight and finish of the paper. We take into consideration all your requirements and print them on high quality paper, ensuring that images and text are crisp and clear.

Black Pig Print assures perfect binding- either spine-glued binding or spiral binding and can print just the number of printed booklets that you want- whether it’s just a single issue, small number of prints for friends and family or high circulation copies up to 50,000 units. For all your cheap booklet printing Manchester, just choose Black Pig Print and you won’t regret your choice.

Brochure Printing & Booklet Printing Options

At Black Pig Print, customers can select from different formats, papers and colors and be assured that there is enough space for all their content. Black Pig Print booklet printing Manchester based experts produce high quality printed booklets at an affordable price, in fact customers can actually adjust the cost of printing to suit specific and individual needs. The cost of booklet printing the can be calculated online using the configuration tools at Black Pig Print.

Black Pig Print. however doesn’t stop there- it offers you even more options- it allows customers to calculate their own printed booklet quotation, change settings, choose the kind of art paper they want, the kind of finish, the colors to be used and ultimately get a booklet at their own cost price.

Booklets can be printed either in the typical DIN A4 portrait and landscape format or also in square or special format. They can also choose between practical loop stitch binding and staple binding.

Choosing the best paper for your printed booklet

Choosing the right paper for your Manchester booklet printing can be overwhelming given the diversity of papers on the market. Essentially, however, there are two main papers, glossy photo papers that have high lustre or sheen and matte papers such as cotton, canvas or alpha-cellulose. Depending upon the kind of contrast and sharpness that you are aiming for and the kind of texture that you need, you can opt for either of them. Glossy printed booklets with clear images and rich colors never fail to impress. Matt coated art paper is ideal for informative and exclusive booklets. For the environment conscious groups, offset or recycling paper is the right choice.

You can choose different paper types to deliver content and a different one for the cover. Regardless of the type of printed booklets you need to produce, the kind of content within and the audience that you need to target, Black Pig Print can cater for booklet printing Manchester, Cheshire & Nationwide.

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