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Floor Stickers

The success of a business venture lies in its ability to attract a maximum number of customers. But to create a strong foothold, you need a proper marketing strategy. Floor Aticker Graphics are a novel way of broadcasting, yet it creates maximum exposure and catches the eye of the potential customers. The use of Large Floor Decals and floor Graphics ensures that the message of the brand gets conveyed to its audience, where it holds maximum significance.

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Vinyl Floor Stickers

Floor Graphics converts all floors into a medium to disseminate information and works as a brand ambassador for the organisation. There are several formats that can be chosen and customised at Black Pig Print, to make a perfect advertising material to draw the attention of customers.

Large promotional floor decals

Floor Graphics work well for shops, events, trade fairs and even railway stations, due to the easy installation feature. Moreover, it is important to note that for the larger surface area, floor Graphics stand out better as they tend to be bigger. The application of the Floor Graphics involves simply peeling the film after the printing has been undertaken and sticking it directly onto the floor. However, care should be taken to ensure the floor remains squeaky clean and dry while the Large Floor Decals are being installed.

Sturdy Fireproof Material Floor Graphics

Large Floor Decals are supposed to be placed on the floor, which means it will be subjected to wear and tear. So, the floor Graphics are imprinted on strong PVC film that holds a thickness level of 0.2mm. The component used is coated white and matte, as it works well for floor broadcasting and can sustain stress. If the Floor Graphics are meant to be placed across trade fairs or exhibition or any public place, then it becomes mandatory to follow the fire safety rules pertaining to the Large Floor Decals.

At Black Pig Print Floor Graphics Swansea based service, the decals are created based on fire safety regulations and are assured by the EU standard Bfl-s1. Moreover, the printed graphics are flame resistant and in case a fire breaks out it emits low smoke.

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