High quality & cheap flyer printing / leaflet printing

Flyer Printing / Leaflet Printing

Flyer Printing is available in all traditional formats e.g. small flyers in business card size, A7 format, or leaflets ideal for marketing events in A6 / postcard size. We also print flyers in larger sizes, including 100 x 210 mm, DL (105 x 210 mm), A5 and A4.

Available in various beautiful paper types

High quality & cheap flyer printing / leaflet printing

Best prices in Manchester & Cheshire

A6 x 1,000 135gsm from £21.00

A5 x 1,000 135gsm from £28.00

A4 x 1,000 135gsm from £40.00

Paper Types

At Black Pig Print we offer over 20 distinctive kinds of paper with varied thicknesses. The various paper types vary in their finish, thickness, opacity, and whiteness.

Coated Art Paper

Grammage (thickness) available in – 90 gsm – 115 gsm – 135 gsm – 170 gsm – 250 gsm – 350 gsm
Finish: matt coated or gloss coated.

We accomplish the very best flyer printing Manchester & Cheshire based results with coated art paper, known as such due to the fact the surface is manufactured with a coating or bonding agent. All paper is initially matt following coating. To achieve the glossy effect, after that it is subjected to a press, that smoothes the paper utilising 2 high-pressure rollers. This gives paper a really silky, strong surface that not simply can feel terrific, but at the same time will allow for far better print quality. The colours are absorbed significantly less and look vivid.

Premium Board

If the flyers have to be printed on heavier coated art paper, we provide premium cardboard at 400 gsm, that is just offered in matte. Our coated art paper is PEFC-certified.

Offset Printing Paper

Grammage (thickness) available in – 80 gsm – 90 gsm – 100 gsm – 120 gsm – 350 gsm – 400 gsm
Finish: uncoated matt

We use a different kind of paper for offset printing. Offset uncoated paper has an intensive 164 CIE whiteness. Made 100% from cellulose it’s actually writable. The offset paper up to 100 gsm may be used for printing using a home printer.

Premium Specialised Papers

The Chamois paper range makes use of more organic colours, providing your flyer printing a naturally sophisticated impact in creamy white. If you want to make your printed flyers more refined select bright white paper at 115/350 gsm, with smooth, velvet surface.

Our range of premium paper is includes the Linen finish at 130 or 350 gsm and Ribbed at 120 or 350 gsm). Your printed flyers will have a “unique to the touch” with an stylish linen or ribbed finish.

Eco-friendly Recycled Paper

Recycled paper is an eco-friendly alternate. Our recycled paper at 80 and 300 gsm is Blue Angel accredited and boasts exceptional 133 CIE whiteness. This paper is manufactured 100% out of reprocessed paper and has a natural, moderately coarse surface.

Folding Flyer & Leaflet Options

While our standard flyers are printed single sided or double sided the folded leaflets enable you to pick from a variety of folds and creases for instance; half fold flyer, French fold flyer or parallel fold flyer or a combination

Single Page Flyer

The traditional flyer printed single sided or double sided. The flyer can be printed with any kind of paper and in any format. Additionally, we can add creasing and perforation.

Half Fold Flyer

The most basic of the folding forms with a single fold at the half way point, resulting into a 4 page flyer that is especially suited for folded cards such as vouchers or cards.

French Fold Flyer

The flyer folded in half horizontally and then for a second time vertically, resulting in 8 pages. It’s consequently an ideal solution for posters and maps.

Double Gatefold Flyer

To produce an 8 sided flyer both the outward edges are folded to the middle and touch in the centre of the flyer. Next the flyer is folded in the centre and the outside sides touch. The finished double gate fold flyer is generally used for comprehensive details for events etc.

Double Parallel Fold Flyer

The is basically an addition to the single fold. The flyer is folded in half twice in the same direction, resulting in 3 folds and 8 pages. Black Pig Print is capable of printing a tri parallel folded flyer with 16 pages 105 x 210 mm offering sufficient print area for a considerable program of events.

Concertina Fold Flyer

This process results in a 6 page flyer. Each page is folded in the away from its neighbouring page, providing a concertina result. Inspire your clients with special refinements. At Black Pig Print you print your concertina flyers with 8, 10 or 12 pages.

Trifold Flyer

The pages fold in on each other. The most basic kind of the trifold includes two folds and produces 6 page flyer, perfect for menus or event details.

Print Proofs

Preview Your Flyer Printing With A Screen Proof

This option allows you to see exactly how your flyer will look before printing, the preview of your flyer is shown on the computer screen. If you select this option, you will receive an email when the screen proof is ready. You can view your preview at 150 dpi. Just bear in mind, that this preview is not “colour-fast”, therefore its colours could vary from the genuine printed product.

Preview Your Flyer Printing With A Paper Proof

Black Pig Print can send you a Fogra certified print of your printed flyer to make colour checking much easier. Prices and delivery time are shown online if selected. Please also note paper proofs are only available in A4 and A3. Smaller artwork will be printed A4.

How Long Do Printed Flyers Take To Ship With Black Pig Print?

From point of order, you typically receive your order within 5 working days. The “Express” option is available, reduces the time to within 2 or 3 working days. The “Priority” option mean no more than 2 working days. Take note, delivery times depend on the product.

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